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Apple iPad 2020 – Most Affordable and Value for Money iPad ever

Apple iPad 2020 – Most Affordable and Value for Money iPad ever

In today’s blog I will cover the following points about New Apple iPad which will prove that it is a worthy winner and a great value add for the money you pay for it. The following are those areas to look at:

  • Display;
  • Processor;
  • Price;
  • Accessorries.

Apple has always been known to be manufacturing Premium devices be them iPhones, iMac, iPod or iPad. But New Apple iPad 20020 happens to give the most productive results and this recent year, Apple has ventured into a price segment where it offers one of its best and most value added product in the form of New Apple iPad or iPad 2020 as it is now known.

New Apple iPad 2020 which is the latest edition to the iPad series of devices and is the 8th Generation device, an upgrade over the 2019 iPad which came with similar look/display but with a season old iOS13 and A10 Bionic Chip.


Let’s first talk about the 10.2″ sized iPad 2020 design which is a follow up from the past year design of iPad 7th generation launched in 2019. The design may seem slightly old with thick bezels but it stands out to be useful since it still has a traditional fingerprint sensor at the bottom of it which makes a great utility in the current covid times over the face unlock mechanism.

In addition the 10.2″ is way bigger than a Pro phone’s 6.5″-7″ size and lands up in the laptop size of devices with additional “accessories” to be covered separately which make it a worthy competitor to any laptop let alone Macbook range of Apple’s own laptops. The 10.2″ design is very useful, not too big not too small and is very handy not juss while browsing or playing a video game or watching a movie but equally handy and very useful while editing a video, so content creators be ready we have something for you which will not lighten your pocket heavily unlike in past.


Any device powered by a decent processor makes it worthy to offer productive output as is the case with iPad 2020 5th generation. Powered by Apple A12 bionic Chip which is its most lethal feature with a benchmark score of above 4,75,000 and is the 2nd best processor offered by Apple.

Apple New iPad 2020 Antutu Benchmark

With such a high benchmark score, iPad 2020 becomes equivalent to iPad SE which it could easily been titled if not named iPad 2020. Apple’s A12 bionic Chip launched in as late as 2019 and still boasts amazing processing abilities and still powers devixes like iPhone SE 2020 is one notch above in devices like iPhone XR, XS and even iPhone 11 which are considered to be powerful devices in the iPhone segment.

Having used the already proven A12 bionic Chip with its abilities made the Apple team offer great value to the iPad 2020 and makes it a worthy tool and offers most value for money as of now. We will talk in details below soon about the price at which iPad 2020 is being offered and how it maximises the money you spend on it without making a hole in your pocket.


This becomes one of the most viable iPads launched ever starting as low as ₹29,900 with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Considering the 32GB storage is very low by any standards one may not worry since there is a higher version with 128GB which is selling like hot cake at a worthwhile price of ₹37,900 only.

With such a low price while the device was launched in US for a meagre $329 only that it was almost unbelievable within add ons a very processor in Bionic A12 included at that price point. Thus the price becomes a point of great interest and capturing attention of lot of people who may end up switching to Apple just for the iPad 2020. There are enough reasons why the iPad 2020 is fast trending to be a hot buy and is a very option against windows laptops too which are still budget friendly and if compared are beaten hands down in the spec sheet department.


Now coming to the accessories which make New iPad as near and close to becoming a laptop.

With the add on accessories like a smart keyboard or folio it becomes a complete laptop with powerful specs and a design and structure to lend support for all tasks including typing and scrolling besides using finger gestures without the need to lay finger on the display panel.

Now only that with the use of Apple Smart Pencil, additional activities like graphic design and also its use for video editing makes it a first choice for both designers and content creators.

Now if you consider only two basic but very important accessories in smart folio and pen, that new iPad gets completely accessorised and shapes up into a complete laptop and is all set and ready to give competition to its high end siblings in iPad Air and iPad Pro.

You can have a look at the list of following accessories to enable the iPad 2020 into a complete device:

There is nothing that the new iPad cannot do which the high end iPads are able to perform. Though they have their own pluses in term of size and also most recent launched Bionic A14 chip but they equally lighten your pockets and while you pay almost double the benefits aren’t multiplied to that extent.


At this price New Apple iPad achieves pretty much what it’s higher siblings are able to perform and at an unbelievable price. Not only that it also replaces the modern day laptops especially being offered at that price segment.

Alongside the add-on accessories which make it a full fledged device it offers a lot more utility. So unless saving a few bucks doesn’t interest you and you are looking for the most latest technology in Apple Bionic A14 and a notch up using a Pro model, New Apple iPad will be and is already a choice of millions.

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